The Death of Truth

This is something I have been thinking about for quite some time now. I originally planned to write a (more lengthy) post about this, and I probably will someday, but after this past election, wherein Americans voted for a Fascist, I felt compelled to express my concerns.

It is a dangerous time for civilization when truth no longer matters, when the difference between fact and fiction becomes a matter of political preference, when science can be challenged by ideology. Truth matters. Facts matter. With climate change, the destruction of the environment, the mass extinction of species, Islamic terrorism, and nuclear proliferation, facts matter now more than ever. We are living in a unique time in history, a time when we have the power to destroy all life on Earth, including our own. We are caught in a race between ignorance and knowledge, and a growing anti-intellectualism that threatens our very existence. Without truth, we cannot make the  necessary decisions to steer clear of the apocalypse. This is not hyperbole. This is not some sandwich-board doomsday prophesying that has yet to come to pass. No. We are witnessing the results of our ignorance on a daily basis.

When we elect, as leader of the free world, someone who rejects the findings of science, who does not understand the dangers of nuclear war, who appoints a climate change denier as head of the EPA, and another who denies evolution as secretary of education, when we accept these things, we reject reality. And how did we get to this point? It happened when journalism became entertainment, when history and science textbooks gave way to political subjectivity, when the Internet became a haven for those seeking refuge from reality and a confirmation of their biases. This has happened before. It happened in Athens and in Rome; it happened to the Aztecs and the Islamic Empire. No civilization has ever endured the loss of truth. Ours won’t either.

8 thoughts on “The Death of Truth

    1. I am MUCH better off than I was eight years ago! Eight years ago, the economy was in ruins and my business was struggling to make ends meet. In addition, my wife could not have health insurance because of her preexisting condition.

      When Obama took over, the economy started steadily improving. Unemployment dropped and the stock market went higher. He also put laws into place to help people renegotiate their loans so they could stay in their homes. My brother was one of the people who benefitted from this. Obama also helped save the auto industry. Why don’t you ask the employees at GM whether their lives have been improved.

      These are facts you simply cannot deny. Now, you could argue Obama didn’t do enough. No doubt people are still suffering. But their suffering has nothing to do with the Obama administration. The recession didn’t happen under his watch. He inherited a nightmare. The Republicans wrecked the economy, ruining people’s lives, not to mention a trillion dollar war they started on false pretenses, yet somehow Obama is to blame?

      I am glad you brought up these past eight years because they have been, by every conceivable measure, an improvement over the administration that came before. You could still argue, “Well, he didn’t fix things fast enough …” and you may have a point, but there is zero evidence to suggest a tax evading billionaire will do a better job. Or want to.

      Do people on the left lie? All the time. Did Hillary lie about her e-mails? Yes. I believe she did. But pretending her illegally deleting e-mails somehow makes up for Trump’s sexually assaulting women, cheating and bankrupting small businesses, cheating on his taxes, hating on minorities, advocating for the use of nuclear weapons and advocating to default on America’s loans … I am sorry, you CANNOT pretend to be honest and consider their lies comparable. They are not.


    2. Everyone can have an opinion
      opinions can vary
      however there is only One truth
      One set of Facts
      You can seek to change the effects that Facts and the Truth have on our lives.
      You can argue about the Right and Left approach to changing these effects
      however if you think that Climate change, evolution are accusations against the right please go direct to your local hospital and ask if your insurance covers a brain transplant.
      Denial of these things is denial of FACTS.

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    1. I really, really doubt this will happen. I mean it’s never happened in American history, but if there was ever a time for this legal loophole to be put to use, this is it!



    Not surprisingly, trolls have been detected in the area. This is an especially malicious new kind of troll, the “trump,” spurred by their newfound leader, Donald Trump. I have already received personal attacks, and not surprisingly, these attacks have no basis in fact. Just like Trump, it’s a lot of hot air and vitriol and hatred, because trumps thrive on hate.

    So, until this political debacle dies down, the Writer’s Disease is going on lockdown. That means no comments from strange accounts. If you know me personally, and you want to discuss these matters in greater detail, you know how to contact me!

    And to those who support me, Thanks! Love will win in the end.


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