Ecthros: The Archer with Bad Aim

Ecthros, or “Ecks”, as he is called by his friends, first appeared in The Princess of Aenya and is set to appear in my forthcoming novel, The Children of Aenya. Unlike your typical fictional archer (looking at you: Robin Hood, Legolas, Green Arrow, Hawkeye, Katniss, Merida), Ecthros isn’t very good at shooting things with his bow. In fact, he isn’t very good at aiming at anything. When he tried to get Radia’s attention by throwing rocks at her bedside window, he missed the window completely.

Believe it or not, Ecthros was born out of a Diablo 3 gaming session I was playing with my nephew. Here, I made a YouTube video about him, with a great illustration courtesy of my daughter, Jasmine. Please give it a watch!

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