Stephen King’s Dark Tower Series, Part 1

What the heck is The Dark Tower anyway? I am six books deep into King’s magnum opus, and I still have no idea. (OK, that’s not true, I have some clue, but not enough to know why the party of heroes: Roland, Eddie, Susannah, and Jake, are so desperately trying to get there, or why, as a reader, I should care.) In typical fashion, King shows off his penchant for wordiness, yet his superb character-driven storytelling kept me turning the pages even when the plotting wears thin.

In this podcast, Heather and I discuss the first FIVE books in The Dark Tower series (see my individual ratings below):

The Gunslinger ** 1/2

The Drawing of the Three ** 1/2

The Wastelands **

Wizard and Glass ***

Wolves of the Calla ***

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