The Rings of Power Was . . . Fine

While it may not be the popular opinion to hold, like most things on social media, and especially for every frothing-at-the-mouth critic on YouTube, hatred for Amazon’s “The Rings of Power” has reached a fever pitch and is entirely overblown. Is it a great show? Not really, no. Is it worthy of Tolkien’s masterpiece? Certainly not. Is it on par with the Peter Jackson’s films? Nope. Is it worth watching? Well, if you’re a fan of fantasy on TV, I definitely think so.  

While I am no fan of Amazon or Jeff Bezos, here’s the thing: I went into the show knowing it could never live up to the legacy of its creator. If you’re wanting a prequel series Tolkien himself would have made, you’re not going to get it, because that’s something only Tolkien could have given us. But if you’re looking to be entertained in a What-if/fan-fiction/alternate history sort of way, The Rings of Power delivers.

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