The Princess of Aenya is almost here!

After five long years of brainstorming, writing, editing and rewriting, the second book of Aenya, The Princess of Aenya, is almost here! The novel weighs in at 136,236 words, and thanks to my partner in crime, my editor, Ava Coibion, every sentence should be a carefully crafted thing of beauty. And thanks to my uber-talented illustrators, Selene Regener, Alexey Lipatov and Hampton Lamoureux, an equally beautiful cover is ready to send to the printers. All that awaits is the Acknowledgments page, the back cover text, and a brand spanking new map of Aenya, showcasing all the new locations featured in this story.

If you have any comment about any of the content below, be sure to send me a shout out, or forever hold your peace.



I would first like to thank my parents, Arthur and Angie, for bringing me into this world and teaching me the value of perseverance. I would also like to thank my beta readers, David Pasco, Tobias Thölken, and Hynde Belahsen, and my editor, Ava Justine Coibion, for helping make this story the best it could be. A special thanks to my children, Jasmine and Sophia, for always serving as an inspiration, and to my nephew, Fonda Karapateas, for inspiring the character of Ecthros. Last but not least, shout outs go to my talented illustrators, Alexey Lipatov and Selene Regener, and to Michael-Israel Jarvis, who collaborated with me on Radia’s song.   


(back cover)

Flowers bloom where her feet touch the ground, rain falls when she is melancholy, and to gaze upon her is to see the face of the person you most love. She is Radia, Princess of Tyrnael, and her step-brother wants her dead.

When her step-brother, Zaibos, seizes the throne of fabled Tyrnael, Radia is forced to flee from the only home she has ever known. Betrayed by those most trusted to protect her, she finds unexpected loyalty in Demacharon, a battle-hardened soldier from a far off land. As Radia and Demacharon venture beyond the Crown of Aenya Mountains to the safety of the outside world, she is torn by a longing to return, acutely aware of the fear gripping her people, and of her sadistic step-brother’s cruel machinations.

Since she was a child, Radia has known the pain and grief of every life forms as intimately as her own. It is her greatest strength and greatest weakness, and now that power may cost her her life.


If you loved The Last Unicorn and The NeverEnding Story, you will want to read The Princess of Aenya.


Nick Alimonos has been writing fiction since he was six years old. He earned his English degree from the University of South Florida, where he also minored in Ancient History. He lives on the world of Earth, in Tarpon Springs, FL, where he plays Dungeons & Dragons with his kids. The Princess of Aenya is the second novel set in the world of Aenya. Learn more about Aenya at





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  1. This is probably a silly comment, but it’s the thing that sticks out most to me. I love your bio; I hope that is in the book, not just on the bottom of your post for the site. It really humanizes you.

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    1. The Princess of Aenya isn’t really a naturist book, as the main protagonists, Radia and Demacharon, tend to wear clothes throughout (but not always). That being said, the thematic elements I explore are congruent with naturism. Humanism falls into this category, as does a reverence for nature, hearkening to a Pagan-type pantheism.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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