People of Aenya: Princess Radia

Radia Noora by Regener
Radia by Selene Regener


Once, not long ago, there lived a king in the land of Tyrnael, who had but one daughter. This daughter he loved with his whole heart, but upon her eleventh year she fell ill, her cheeks paling like the petals of a dying ilm. Never leaving her bedside, the king called for every physician in his kingdom, but all were at a loss, for her ailment was unlike any they had seen. With enduring hope, the king sent emissaries to lands near and abroad, and learned men did arrive from as far south as the One Sea and from as far east as Shemselinihar, yet all were utterly mystified by her sickness. Beset by grief and desperation, the king offered all that he had, his very kingdom in recompense, to save his little girl from doom. 

And it so happened, that upon this decree, a wizened sage appeared at the gates of the Compass Tower. Examining the girl with care, he declared with confidence that he could make the girl whole again, brewing an elixir so that she might drink of it and become well. And shortly thereafter, the rosy hue returned to the little girl’s cheeks. Overjoyed, the king asked what the stranger wished from him in return, reminding him of his vow. 

“So long as you know,” the sage said to him, “I can stay the hand of the Taker, but only for a time. At the close of three days, before the moon eclipses on the third night, if she does not drink of my elixir, Death shall surely claim her.” 

Hearing this dreadful prophecy, the king turned ashen, but the sage comforted him, saying, “Be not dismayed, for it is not beyond my power to procure this remedy, enough to keep your daughter in good stead for her remaining days. Yet it is not without its price.” 

The king readily agreed, preparing to surrender his great wealth, his kingdom if need be, but the sage asked for one small thing, and one thing only, in return for his ministrations, that the king take as his own a young boy to be adopted. The sage’s own son.


Radia by Alexey Lipatov

Since she was a child, Princess Radia Noora has known the pain of every living creature as intimately as her own. Now her empathic power may cost her her life. 

Radia is the 54th descendant of the Zo and heir to the throne of Tyrnael. But at 15 years of age, she is innocent to the cruel realities of her world. Possessed by the innocence of youth, her idealism soon clashes with the machinations of her step-brother, Zaibos, a cold and ruthless commander who insists that the future of their people can only be preserved through bloody conflict.

When Zaibos seizes control of the capital city of Tyrnael, Radia is forced to flee for her life. Betrayed by those she most trusted to protect her, she finds unexpected loyalty in Demacharon, an old sword from Hedonia. But neither Demacharon, her stepbrother, nor Radia herself, fully realizes her importance to the future of Aenya.



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