Aenya D&D and YouTube

Art by Jasmine Alimonos

Hey everyone! So it’s been dawning on me that blogging is going the way of disco. Nobody wants to read blogs anymore, unless you’re uniquely dedicated to some super-niche interest (you know who you are). Thing is, my stories speak to a broad audience. Take away whatever niche aspects they might contain, and Ages of Aenya and The Princess of Aenya deals with themes of love, loss, wonder, and a sense of adventure. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to sell universality in our demographics fixated world. You can’t type “love” into Google and hope to see The Princess of Aenya pop up.

I should have spent the last decade mastering YouTube, because people like to be visually stimulated. But when I was in college, we studied storytelling, never how to compete in a post-Internet world. So I am a little late to the party. But with the help of my kids, who are now old enough to help me out, I am ready to expand into other media.

The Children of Aenya is still years away, but it’s going to take Aenya in new directions, namely, the Young Adult market. It’s going to be lighter and more fun, and sometimes even funny. My desire is to appeal to kids as young as twelve, and of course, to adults whose hearts still cling to that sense of magic and wonder we felt when we were young. It’s also about Dungeons & Dragons, which has heavily inspired me in the past, and greatly influenced the third in the Aenya series.

OK, I ramble too much, so without further ado, I give you the FIRST in our new YouTube series, 2D&D, and a sneak peek into (at least version of) the children of Aenya.

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