Who is Kalima?

Who is Kalima and how does she relate to the Aenya Series? Well, she started out as my wife’s D&D character, a grumpy but endearing female dwarf, and is now being featured in my daughter’s YouTube animated series, 2D&D. We’ve been playing 5th edition for five years now, in a campaign that started out in Aenya, off the coast of the southern One Sea in a little trading town called Graton. But I didn’t want to limit our sessions to just my setting, because there are no dragons or wizards on Aenya, so I had my PCs step through a portal built by the Zo, a Fantastigate, to visit other worlds like Hyrule and Middle Earth and Mythical Greece. Some of the events from our campaign will end up in the book, which will mostly take place on Aenya. Though I may have to change the title from The Children of Aenya, because people keep telling me they have to read Ages of Aenya first, even though Princess ISN’T A SEQUEL! I guess the concept of the spin-off is too confusing for some people. Also, and I hate having to mention this, but while Princess has NOTHING to do with nudism, Amazon’s algorithm keeps associating it with nudist books, just because the first in the series featured naked heroes. As for how much of our YouTube story will make its way into the book, I can’t honestly say, but you can think of it as a silly parody of the novel that is to come, a retroactive How It Should Have Ended version of the third in the Aenya series.

OK! Enough rambling! Here’s Kalima:

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