PODCAST | Stardust Review

Who wants to read when they can listen? While going to work in your car, or coming back from a long stressful day, you can sit back, relax, and listen to me ramble on about books! What could be better?

Now, I am very excited to announce my official foray into sponsored podcasting using the ANCHOR platform. With my co-host, Heather, I’ll be getting down and dirty into the latest literary trends (as dirty as two book nerds can get, at least) discussing what books we loved, which we loathed, and how the current world of fiction affects and is being affected by our ever-changing culture. Miss my thoughts on sexy Spiderwomen and the SJW debacle? Now you can browse ALL my podcasts in one place at …


Next up, check out my thoughts on Neil Gaiman, one of my favorite fantasy authors, in my review of his wonderful modern fairytale, Stardust.

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