Aenya Lore: Queen Lumina and the Unicorn

The World of Aenya is vast and varied. Its geography encompasses disparate landscapes, city-states, races, cultures, histories, and myths. For 2022, I am introducing a new series, Aenya Lore, to showcase the tales that exist within the larger narrative of the Aenya Series, some of which, you may remember, come straight from the novels. While many of these passages are, admittedly, very short, they are important in that they fill critical gaps in the planet’s history, while informing the protagonists’ beliefs and actions.

6111 AGM ——————- Queen Lumina of Tyrnael, 33rd descendent from Aten I, breaks through the space-time / reality barrier to summon a unicorn. Some call it magic, others science. The magical creature is captured, and Lumina makes the unicorn the sigil of her kingdom. [PoA]

Unicorn Bait by Jennifer Hom

He continued down to the foot of the Great Eastern Gate, and the bridge spanning the divide between the two hemispheres. The colossal arches were worn by wind and sun and the ravages of time, overgrown with blazing stars and chicories and perennials. On the north flank, the stone creature rising from the base had collapsed into a mound of rubble, leaving only its hindquarters, but on the southern end, Hugo could make out the semblance of a bucking horse, dressed from hoof to snout in green creepers, with a single horn spiraling up from the head like a conical lance broken at the tip. He stood fretfully upon the landing, overlooking the sheer drop of the Tectonic Chasm. It was like peering beyond the end of the world, the bridge crossing the divide vanishing into the gray ether. Whether he could continue along the expanse until reaching the eastern half of the world, he could only guess, but the distance, he knew, was many leagues. Turning north to the Celestial Hill, he observed the Compass Tower, which loomed like a gilded spear rising from a white fist. His impatience growing, he tried to gauge how far the violet moon had traversed across the broad face of the greater turquoise disc, and his eyes drifted again to the statue of the unicorn, to the standard of his people. He had only chanced to see the animal once in his youth, on guard duty at the royal stable, and did not know whether other such creatures existed, only that the one he was fortunate enough to have witnessed was hundreds of years old. Legend had it that the thirty-third descendant of the first king, Queen Lumina, was so pure of heart, that after she had fallen asleep in a neighboring glade, a unicorn came to rest its head on her lap. The divine creature became enamored by the princess’s charm, and in time came to dwell with the royal family. And so the embodiment of the sigil Hugo wore on his breast remained, upon centuries, among the king’s equine stock.

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