ATTENTION: Beta Readers Wanted for The Magiq of Aenya!

Lilliea, from the upcoming The Magiq of Aenya

It’s that time again, folks! I have officially begun work on my fourth Aenya book, The Magiq of Aenya, and I am giving a select few fans the opportunity to get an early look at it. If you are chosen to become a beta reader, you will be helping me craft the story, making Magiq the best it can be. Beta readers are an invaluable resource for writers because they offer something even the best of us can’t do without: a different perspective. As I go through and reread my work, I am constantly battling my subjectivity, always asking the same impossible question: what would I think of this if I hadn’t written it? And that, dear reader, is where YOU come in.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any expertise in this field. This isn’t a call for editors. You don’t need an English degree to become a beta reader and, in fact, I prefer that you don’t. I want to hear from your average lover of stories, preferably someone a bit younger, because this is my first sojourn into the YA market; Magiq may be compared to such beloved classics as The Golden Compass, Harry Potter, The Lightning Thief, and Howl’s Moving Castle.

OK, so how does all this work?

First, shoot me an email at, letting me know you’d like to get in on the action. Then, answer the simple questions below:

  1. I’m interested in becoming a beta reader because: ________________.
  2. I have previously read (mark all that apply): Ages of Aenya | The Princess of Aenya | The Feral Girl.
  3. My all-time favorite book is _____________.

After you have been approved, I will send you an email containing each chapter or batch of chapters as I write them. You will typically receive two emails per month with a short questionnaire attached. If you are unable or unwilling to answer the questionnaire by the time the next batch is sent out, you may be removed from the mailing list. In addition to your answers, you are encouraged to share your thoughts about the story. I only ask that you keep our correspondence private and that you NOT share these excerpts with anyone. I promise to read your input thoroughly and to honestly consider every point you make — but I retain final decisions regarding story content.

Now here’s a preview of the questionnaire I will be sending out:

  1. Did you find any typos, misspellings, or grammatical errors, and if so, could you please list them?
  2. What did you most enjoy in this chapter, if anything?
  3. What did you least like about this chapter, if anything?
  4. I did not understand/was confused about _______________. (You may cut and paste a section of the text if you wish).
  5. I’d like to know more about _____________. (This could include anything, from the description of a character to a plot point).
  6. I am most looking forward to learning about _____________.

I encourage you to add to this list if you wish. You may also leave some of these questions blank if they do not pertain to you. Example: you may not have been confused about anything.

If you are chosen to become a beta reader for The Magiq of Aenya, and if you stick with me to the very end (this may take 2~3 years, so strap in boys and girls!) you will be honored with: 1. A free copy of The Magiq of Aenya, when released and 2. Your name forever mentioned as a contributor on the Acknowledgments Page of the book!

I look forward to hearing from all of you! Thanks!

Email me:

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