Sorry (not sorry) for this political rant …

I recently met a fan of mine (he’s read both Ages of Aenya and The Princess of Aenya and is eager to begin The Feral Girl) who was very much at odds with my political views. Let’s just say his beliefs threw me into a depressive, anxiety-laden spiral.

As we continue slipping toward a future Orwellian nightmare, I find myself unable to sleep, which is why I felt compelled to share my thoughts on my Story Matters podcast, if only to unburden my skull before returning to the shiny new novel (The Magiq of Aenya) I am working on. Of course, I may lose readers over this rant, but that’s a price I am willing to pay to fight the good fight. Freedom always comes at a cost. Please give it an open ear, mind, and heart.

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