The Rings of Power (You Know We Had to…)

You know Heather and I just had to talk about Amazon’s most expensive show of all time, The Rings of Power, didn’t you? As huge lovers of Tolkien’s works and Peter Jackson’s film adaptation, we try and parse through the honest detractors (the Tolkien purists) from the anti-woke crowd and get into the polarizing decision to include black actors and a badass female lead in Galadriel. Is The Rings of Power simply pandering to the Left or just a sign of changing attitudes? And can we even hope to determine the intent of an author no longer with us? And what the Hell does any of it even matter if the show is great?

Of course, no Story Matters Podcast would be complete without us getting into He-Man, Greek mythology, Tarzan of the Apes (my favorite racist novel), Hellraiser, Prey, and other pop culture fare.

Please give it a listen, a like, and a share!

2 thoughts on “The Rings of Power (You Know We Had to…)

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  1. Sorry, but I won’t be listening to the podcast. Not because of its subject matter, but because I’ve never been able to listen to podcasts for more than about a minute or two, regardless of whether I’m using my home computer or not.


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