The Feral Girl: Gamer Edition is NOW!

Hey, Aenya fans! The long wait is over . . . 


The Feral Girl: Gamer Edition for your Kindle-enabled device is finally HERE. What you get:

Included in The Feral Girl: Gamer Edition for Kindle, you get Thelana’s heart-wrenching origin story and prequel to Ages of Aenya, over 30 beautiful illustrations with many new, full-color art pieces, and a never-before-seen illustration by Ukrainian artist Alexey Lipatov. To top it off, the Gamer Edition comes with the Surviving the Wildwood RPG, a 5th-edition-compatible role-playing adventure game with rules for gaming in the world of Aenya, making your own Ilmarin and halfman characters, and a bestiary with thirteen original monsters unique to Aenya’s Wildwood forest.

Want to know more? Check out the video and gallery below!

Download The Feral Girl: Gamer Edition

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