Role Playing Games

For the past two years, I have been running a Dungeons & Dragons campaign as inspiration for my upcoming novel, The Children of Aenya. We play both online and off, and you can join in the adventure on Facebook at:


At the Hub of All Worlds, you can read about the latest Aenya related story (among other worlds), watch videos, download art both original and not-so original, or download adventure modules in PDF to include in your own TRPG campaign.

Dungeons & Dragons

5th Edition D&D Race: Ilmar

D&D and the Fantasy Author

Ten Reasons Tabletop RPGs are Better than Video Games

Top Ten Dungeons & Dragons Movies

Dungeons & Dragons: A Memoir: 1st Edition

Dungeons & Dragons: A Memoir: 2nd Edition: Hell Breaks Loose!

Dungeons & Dragons: A Memoir: 3rd, 4th and 5th Editions

D&D and DMT

The Witcher 3 vs. D&D

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