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For the past two years, I have been running a Dungeons & Dragons campaign as inspiration for my upcoming novel, The Children of Aenya. We play both online and off, and you can join in the adventure on Facebook at:


At the Hub of All Worlds, you can read about the latest Aenya related story (among other worlds), watch videos, download art both original and not-so original, or download adventure modules in PDF to include in your own TRPG campaign.

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The World of Aenya Awaits You!

As an author, gaming is a great way to share my world without having to wait years for a novel to be completed. Much of what goes on in my books started out as a gaming adventure. Now, with a bit of imagination and creativity, you can explore Aenya on your own, for FREE, with the complete, 58 page AENYA RPG in an easy to reference PDF. The file includes:

  • Rules for role playing, combat and feats of skill
  • Rules for making Aenya-based characters, like the Ilmar, the Centurion, the Delian, and the winged Avian.
  • Sample character stats for Xandr and Thelana
  • The Bestiary
  • Complete bios for the Bogren, Halfman, Septhera, Merquid, and Ilmarin races.
  • Eldin’s Brief Timeline of Aenyan History
  • Maps and references for the geography, astronomy, and climate zones of Aenya
  • The Hedonian Bazaar
  • All Original Artwork

Click here to download

[Aenya RPG]

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